What is Digital Media and Digital Art?

Digital arts is the union of technology and the creative mind. Technology can be cold and calculated, but when combined with visuals or creativity, it can become a moving work of art, literally and figuratively. Digital art can be a picture, video, game, web site, and so on. What we see is a work of art, but underneath it is the cold calculated technology that drives it. Digital arts can extend more traditional media, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and photography and do things that would be very difficult without a computer if not impossible. With the help of computers we can create a whole new artform like video, by combining photos, or drawings into a moving picture. Many movies today even animate digital sculptures. Often times these photos or sculptures will be made traditionally in the physical world, then digitized.

Digitizing artwork often makes manipulating it much easier. Making a stop motion film using physical objects can take years, and making a mistake can take weeks to fix. Computers, however, help make animation easy, using automated software to do a lot of the grunt work. Also, mistakes can be fixed in minutes, because each change we make is not as permanent as it is in the real world. Changes can be made to a work of digital art almost instantly, and with the click of a single button. With apps like instagram anyone can quickly edit a photo with no background knowledge of developing film, and share it with the world. Digital art makes art more accessible, faster, and more efficient, while still maintaining the depth of traditional media.

Examples of Digital Art:


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